Woman Continues Asking Husband To Help Out Around The House Despite Being Ignored For 3-Years

by Bavocado

CINCINNATI – Michael and Lisa have been married for 3-years and for 3-years, Lisa has repeatedly asked Michael to help her out around the house. Michael has yet to respond to her.

I ask Michael to put the dishes away, pick up his clothes or just take out the garbage, but he doesn’t ever respond to me, nor does he complete the tasks. But that’s ok, he is really busy. I will still ask him though, because that’s how a marriage works. I just end up picking up after him and making sure that he has everything he needs. Especially when he has his friends over to play that football game on the TV. – Lisa

We reached out to Michael via email and he gave us his explanation as to why he doesn’t respond to Lisa.

Lisa is great, she does so much for me – everything really. I just learned early on in our relationship that if I ignore her requests to help her out around the house, that she will just do it. So every time she asks me to do something, I just pretend I didn’t hear her and within a few minutes, she takes care of it. I know it makes her happy to get the chores done around the house ‘her way’, and I always want her to be happy. – Michael