Teenage Skateboarding Gang Taunts St. Louis Man, Calling Him A “Candy Corn Bitch”

by Bavocado

Jason Nykeil

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI — When Jason Nykeil ventured out for a relaxing, afternoon walk — he never thought he would encounter such a mean group of young teenagers.

Just five minutes into Jason’s walk, he found himself surrounded by a group of teenage skateboarders. Giving a simple wave and nod of the head to the group, Jason thought that their interaction was over and he continued on his way. The encounter was not over.

As Jason walked on a few feet past the group of boarders, one 13-year-old kid named Steven, hurled out a nasty comment in Jason’s direction. Jason was not pleased.

Keep walking you candy corn bitch. • Steven

It was at that point that Jason decided to lecture the kids on how to speak to their elders. That didn’t go over well.

I turned around and asked the kids what they said to me and two of them, at the same time, called me a candy corn bitch. A third called me a candy corn assed bitch and a fourth just called me a candy corn piece of shit loser. This was a gang…a gang of children, hurting innocent civilians. I tried to talk to them, but they just kept chanting, ‘candy corn bitch is going to cry, candy corn bitch is going to cry’. So I just walked home, having to go the long way around back to my house of course. I always hated skateboarding and now I know why. And what’s wrong with candy corn?

Our reporter actually caught up with ‘Steven’ prior to publication of this article. Steven was asked about this incident and this is what he had to say:

Ha, your asking about that candy corn bitch? Hahaha, yea…I said it.