Teenage Boy Fears Girlfriend’s Mom Will Make Him Wash His Hands Before Dinner

LINCOLN, NEBRASKA — Admitting that he rarely washes his hands outside of taking a shower, 16-year-old Thomas Carr is petrified that his girlfriends mother is going to make him do so before they eat dinner.

I get that its all sanitary and stuff, but that’s not who I am. My family eats dinner on the sofa and we usually just fend for ourselves when it comes to dinner time. My girlfriend Macy’s parents are super proper and shit. They eat at the same time every night, all together at an actual table. I see Mary washing her hands all the time, but that’s her thing you know.

Thomas also added that his girlfriend is a year older than him, so maybe she is just more mature in certain ways – like personal hygiene.

I just don’t know if it’s going to work out between Macy and I if her mom makes me wash my hands. I’m a man and I was taught to not take orders, but rather to give them, ya know?

We have no clue if Macy’s mom made Thomas wash his hands or not, but we are sure that Thomas is probably going to go to jail a few times in his life due to a domestic issue.