Teen Becomes Most Popular Kid In High School After Landing Model Girlfriend

by Bavocado

DEERING, MAINE — Scott Folsom is the most popular kid at his high school and it’s a level of popularity that Folsom is simply not used to. Folsom, a shy, rather geeky kid, rose to high school fame after landing a super hot ‘model’ girlfriend. Fellow students have not yet met the mystery girl, but Folsom did shared a teaser photo on Instagram and that’s all it took to make him the most popular kid in school.

I have no clue how Scott landed such a hot chick for a girlfriend, but it’s pretty awesome. I hope to find a girlfriend like her someday. Scott’s really an inspiration to us guys here at school. • Ken Grant, Junior


I’m still thinking Scott is full of shit, because I can’t imagine any girl wanting to date Scott, none the less that chick. And as if Scott’s mom allows that girl to go and just ‘hangout’ in Scott’s bedroom. Somethings off…but I’m happy for Scott none the less. • Amy Carlson, Senior

Scott declined our request for comment, but his stepdad, Donald did speak with us briefly.

Yeah, I saw the photo. My first reaction was, ‘Damn son, nice score’, but then it dawned on me that I work from home and I’m always at the house…and I have never seen that girl. Maybe she snuck in through Scott’s window…who knows. Either way…it’s pretty cool that Scott is so popular now, because he was sort of a loser for most of his life. • Donald R.