Sasquatch Caught On Camera Abiding By State’s Mandatory Face Mask Rule

by Bavocado

MADAWASKA, MAINE — A Sasquatch was caught on camera over the weekend in the outskirts of Madawaska, Maine. Couple, Shanna and Shawn Wayons were travelling to Fort Kent via Madawaska when they encountered the hairy beast.

Shanna thought she saw something creeping out the woods there, so I slowed down to take a peek. Sure enough, it was a god damn Sasquatch. As we got closer, he sort of just nodded his head, keeping his distance. The son of a bitch had a face mask on. He only came within about 10 feet of the truck there…so he seemed a little paranoid about the rona virus – keeping his distance and protecting his face ya know. • Shawn Wayons