President Joe Biden Confuses ‘Stimulus’ With ‘Stimulate’ In Recent Interview

by Bavocado

Washington D.C. — President Joe Biden had just exited the presidential helicopter when he was stopped on the White House lawn for a quick Q and A. When Jennifer Romaine, a reporter from ABC News asked Biden how he was feeling about the stimulus package he recently put together – she was not entirely ready for his response.

Well Jennifer, that’s a great question. Right now, yes, my package is stimulated. You see, it’s rare that my package gets stimulated, but there has always been something about you Jennifer. When you ask me a question, stimulations just happen. – President Joe Biden

While Jennifer didn’t really know what to say after hearing such a fucked up response to a basic question. She just mumbled, ‘Thank you Mr. President’. To which Biden replied ‘Oh, you are very welcome Jenny’.