New 55-Part Netflix Docuseries Showcases The Strong Relationship Between Watching Too Much TV And Depression

A new Netflix original docuseries showcases the strong relationship between watching too much television and depression.

The entire 55-part series runs roughly 110 hours of total viewing time and highlights the severity of depression and it’s link to watching too much television. The first half of the series explains how watching just two hours of TV per day, can cause our brains to enter an under-stimulated state, our bodies to store more fat causing reduced energy levels and our intellect to drop significantly. It isn’t until hour 80 or so in the docuseries that you learn about the effects that watching too much TV can have on your vision. Your vision slowly deteriorates, the more TV you watch. In the final hours of the series you learn that your brain is all but mush at this point and your vision is completely fucked as you have just binge watched nearly 110 hours of TV. The series has a serious ‘gotcha’ moment at the very end, where they end the series by fading to a black screen, playing soft music and a voice can be heard that simply says ‘Gotcha’.