More And More House Cats Leaving Their Cushy Lives To Join Raccoon Families

by Bavocado

Coco the cat with her new raccoon family. (Jack McDade)

House cats across America appear to be ditching their cushy indoor lifestyles for a little taste of the wild side. Upwards of 10,000 cat owners have reported their dear felines missing since March. It wasn’t until recently that animal expert, Jack McDade found out where all the house cats have ventured off to.

For the last 5-months my team and I have been compiling data on missing house cats across the United States. That data has lead us to believe that house cats are leaving their human families and taking a walk on the wild side — living with raccoons. It would appear that raccoon families have accepted these house cats with open arms. The cats sly and stealthy ability to kill, be annoying and destroy things, makes them the perfect fit for any raccoon family.

McDade shared photo proof of one cat’s journey to raccoonism, seen in the photo above.