Model Says Unibrow Has Cost Her Work. Rest Of The World Says ‘No Shit’.

NEW YORK CITY — Haylee Michalski is a 22-year-old model who grew out her unibrow in order become ‘unique’ in the world of modelling. Well, it worked. People think she is a unique fucking moron.

I wanted to be different in my modelling style, stand out a bit from the rest of the hotties. I started plucking my eyebrows in a way where my unibrow would fill in right across the bridge of my once, clean, hair free, cute nose. Now, I can’t even land a modelling job.  •  Haylee Michalski

This was Haylee before her unibrow debacle:

…and this is where the brow has taken her.

There were more than a few people who wrote in to express their concern about the big brow.

I can’t believe this chick thinks that the brow is unique. It’s not fucking unique, just about every Russian dude has one. • Mark Gunning


This woman could be standing in front of me completely nude and I will see nothing but that big black brow. She got that BBB brah. • Dean Emmonds


At first I thought it was pretty cool…she’s a woman doing her first ya know. But bitch, you got to make a living and that brow isn’t doing you any favors. • Alexis Awailt