Man With No Energy Believes He Definitely Has Coronavirus. Turns Out He’s Just A Lazy Piece Of Shit.

by Bavocado

WICHITA, KANSAS — Richard Cromley has been battling a severe lack of energy for quite some time. After seeing reports that one of the symptoms of having the coronavirus is a severe lack of energy, Richard feels he definitely has it.

I know I have the coronavirus, I’m 100% sure of it. I have no energy whatsoever and the news said that having no energy is a sure sign that you have the coronavirus. I’m scared shitless bro.

We asked Richard if he had been tested yet.

I went to the hospital to get tested, yeah. But they wouldn’t give me a test. They said I wasn’t displaying enough symptoms to get tested. I’m like ‘ what the fuck dude, I barely had energy to even drive my ass here’. So I just went home and took a nap.

We also reached out to Richard’s best friend, Bruce Avery to get his take on Richard’s current health condition.

Listen, I love Richard like a brother, ya know. He’s my bro. But man is that dude a lazy piece of shit. He don’t have no coronavirus, he’s just lazy as fuck. This fucking guy has had no energy for the last 5-years of his life and corona ain’t been around that long – so yea – there’s that.