Man Begs Woman For A Chance To Waste Her Time

DAYTON, OHIO — For the last three weeks, Darrell Philman has been bugging the shit out of Mia Marks with daily text messages, phone calls and in person meetings – promising her love, happiness and the best relationship she has ever had.

Darrell knows damn well that he will not be able to keep Mia happy for a long period of time while engaging in a relationship. But that has not stopped him from pursuing Mia.

Early on during Darrell’s daily pleadings , Mia appeared to see right through him and wanted nothing to do with the mildly pathetic lover boy. However, it would appear that Darrell is wearing Mia down.

When I first met Darrell, I thought he was a tad creepy. Talking about how he wants a long term relationship with me, how I’m the love of his life, yada yada. He was saying all of this on our first Tinder date, he didn’t even know me. After that first date, I distanced myself from him, but I must say – I think it’s sweet that he is so persistent. I did think it was odd that I had to pay for our entire dinner though.

We spoke with Darrell about his intentions with Mia.

Man, the first time I laid eyes on Mia, I knew I was going to date her for a few years and then probably fuck it up somehow…but I just knew she was the one. I was talking to like six ladies when I met Mia, and now I only talk to like 3 or 4 of them, that’s it. So yea, I’d say she’s special. I think she’s just playing hard to get, she’s such a tease. I’m a lot to handle ya know. I have a big heart and an even bigger…well…you know. Yo, if you talk with her, you know, for this article…can you ask her if she will be my gf?

Speaking with Mia one last time prior to publishing, we asked if she would be willing to enter a relationship with Darrell.

At this point, I think I’m going to give him a chance. He seems super loyal and he tells me daily that I’m his one and only – so there’s that. I will have to work a little harder though, so that’s a concern for me. Darrell lost his job, well quit his job, so I will have to pick up the slack for us. But Darrell said he should have another job soon. I could see a real future with Darrell.

Lets all just say a little prayer for Mia.