Lone Family Member Searching For The Perfect Christmas Face Mask To Wow Family And Friends

by Bavocado

Manchester, NH — Coronavirus has been gone for a long time now, but that doesn’t stop Sandra Smith from wearing a face mask on the daily. Smith has amassed quite a collection of face masks over the years and can often be found wearing one alone in her car, at work, the supermarket and even in her own home. We caught up with Smith to find out what the fuck was up with her still wearing a face mask, and all she could talk about was her plans to wow her family and friends this Christmas with a ‘bomb dot com’ holiday grill protector.

My family is going to go nuts this year when they see me Christmas eve. I’m thinking of putting lights on my mask…lights…it’s going to be mind blowing. I might even go crazy and glue a felt reindeer on there too!”- Sandra Smith

Smith’s friends and family let us know that they think Smith is a little off her rocker…

I can’t even remember the last time I wore a face mask…like…who the fuck is still wearing one? Sandra is always prancing around acting like she’s going to breath in the end of the world if she take her mask off. It’s really weird. – Sandra’s brother, Tommy


Honestly, I’m sort of sick of even looking at Sandra’s fucking dumb face. – Tommy’s wife, Melissa


I know Sandra is my daughter, but we raised her better than this. Not one person in this family gives two shits about her face masks. If adoption at 24 years old was an option, I would seriously consider it at this point. – Sandra’s mom, Debbie


Sandra has been my best friend since junior high school and I love her dearly, but it’s getting really ridiculous with this whole face mask thing. We go out to a bar and she’s the only one wearing a face mask. She took some dude home a few weeks ago and lets just say she ended up cutting a hole in the face mask instead of taking it off. So weird. – Sandra’s friend, Carrie