Local Transient Continues To Soak Nude In Families Coy Pond Despite Numerous Arrests

by Bavocado

FORT MEYERS, FLORIDA —  Local transient Franz Orchidheimer was found yet again this past Thursday, soaking nude in the Russell families backyard coy pond. Despite multiple arrests for the same offense, Franz just can’t seem to get enough of the coy pond.

The Russell family shared their distress via a Facebook post.

We were able to reach out to Franz while he was in jail waiting to see a judge. This is what he had to say…and yes…he spoke in a troll voice with a hint of Irish.

I just enjoy me a nice soak in a coy pond! I love having the fishies nibble on me bits! I have been caught in the pond three times, but I just can’t stop and more than likely won’t ever stop going there. I enjoy sharing me riddles too! I’ll leave you with this riddle: A cowboy rides into town on Friday, and books a room at the local hotel for three days. He leaves on Friday. How?

Franz really messed with our heads during that interview. He never did give us the answer to the riddle. I tried to figure it out for a day or two and then I finally just Googled it. The answer is, the horses name is Friday. The Russell’s should really just put a few Piranha’s in the pond and get rid of that dweeb.