Local Texan Pledges To Make Hundreds Of Face Masks

by Bavocado

TEXAS – Texan man Thomas Brown Hewitt has pledged to make hundreds of masks for anyone who is need of a little extra protection from the coronavirus.

Hewitt is no stranger to wearing masks as he himself has worn one his entire life due to facial disfigurement and a skin disease that caused severe deformities and tumors to his face. Despite some setbacks in his life, Hewitt is a hardworking, somewhat slow at times, giving man.

Hewitt worked for the Blair Meat Co. slaughterhouse for many years, but sadly, the slaughterhouse was shut down. Hewitt has a lot of time on his hands now and with this coronavirus spreading like wildfire throughout Texas, he feels that making masks is the least he can do.

I just feel it’s the right thing to do. I don’t make conventional face masks though, each one is unique. I have been making masks for quite sometime, for personal use, ya know. But now I think it’s time I use my face mask making skills to help others. My masks cover a large area of the face, the entire face to be exact. It’s the ultimate protection. I like to make masks that give off the feeling that you are not wearing a mask at all, almost like you are wearing another set of skin on top of your own. I already have about 25 masks done. If anyone is interested in a mask or donating materials – you can reach out directly via email at leatherfacemaskmaker@gmail.com or visit the Hewitt Farm. – Thomas Brown Hewitt