Listening To Your Partner May Actually Be Beneficial To Your Relationship

by Bavocado

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA —  During a recent relationship seminar in San Francisco, Jose Manuel learned that actually listening to your partner, can greatly benefit your relationship.

It was really an informative seminar. I never knew that if I actually listened to what my wife Lisa was saying, that we would get along better. She would normally just talk and talk and talk and I would nod or say things like ‘oh cool’ and then I would just move on with my day. I thought life was pretty good. But Lisa was the one who bought me the ticket to the seminar, so maybe life wasn’t all that good.

It was said that, by listening to your partner’s words, understanding them and responding in a way that lets them know you are truly listening – really brings a couple closer together.

Basically it’s like you are having a real conversation with your partner, ya know. It’s similar to talking to your friends or coworkers – like how you always listen to them and engage in conversation with them. It’s just like that, but with your significant other. Who knew!

The seminar audience is typically made up of 85% men. After speaking with Jose, we can see why.

Lisa and I have never been better! I spent the first 14-years of our marriage not listening to a word she said. Now, all I hear is her talking, but I love it! I have learned so much! I had no clue she even like tomatoes, I mean, how did I go 14-years and not know my wife liked tomatoes. I would recommend that seminar to everyone I know who is in a committed relationship.

The seminar is called ‘How to listen to your partner, even though you don’t want to‘ and will cost you $95 a ticket – unless you can find a coupon on Groupon.