Pro Tip: Leave Something Important Next To Your Child So You Don’t Forget Them Inside Of A Hot Car

by Bavocado

Bored Avocado Pro Tip #78

The sun is getting hotter and summer is just around the corner — and you know what that means — people are going to start forgetting their kids inside scorching hot vehicles for extended periods of time.

Leaving a child inside of a hot vehicle is never a good thing, for starters, some good Samaritan could come by and break a window and that could hit the wallet hard. Secondly, a child could die, which isn’t hard on the wallet, in fact it would lighten the wallet a bit…but it’s still not cool.

We recommend leaving something of importance in the backseat with your child so you don’t forget them when you exit the vehicle. By leaving something important to you back there, it will easily remind you to snag your kid before you take off shopping for six hours and leave them baking inside of an oven on wheels.

People have been using this pro tip for years…here is what a few random people had to say about the tip:

If I venture out with my kid and it’s hot outside, I always bring my cellphone charger and leave it inside of my kid’s car seat. I never go anywhere without my charger, so I know I won’t forget my kid. Safety first! – Veronica W. 


I did leave my kid in a hot car once…that bastard was a trooper though. I was only gone for about an hour, damn kid lost about 7 pounds in that car. A little Gatorade and a ride around town with the windows down fixed him right up. After I read about this pro tip a few years back, I haven’t left any kids inside of anything hot. – Darnell R.