Kid Forced To Buy School Clothes At Goodwill Ends Up Buying Classmates Old Wardrobe

by Bavocado

RICHMOND, INDIANA — 13-year-old Trevor Smith is a greedy little shit of a kid with little understanding of the true value of a dollar. His mother, Nancy Smith, decided to teach Trevor a lesson after he complained about not having ‘cool clothes’ for school and how she ‘never buys him anything’.

Trevor needs a wake up call. This kid of mine thinks money grows on trees. He wants me to buy him hundreds of dollars worth of clothes, while he can’t even help out around the house. You ask this kid to do the dishes and you would think you asked him to mow a damn 100-acre field with a push mower. Trevor wanted some new clothes for school, so I told him to take that $20 he got from his grandma last Easter and I’d take him to the Goodwill. Of course the little shit flipped out when I said that, but hey, kids gotta learn. • Nancy Smith

The shopping trip didn’t go so hot. But the worst of it came after Trevor went back to school wearing his new duds.

First of all, fuck Goodwill. That place smells so bad. So…my mom makes me buy school clothes there and spend my own money – bullshit. I ended up getting an entire weeks worth of clothes for like $14.75, but that  was nearly all my money. Then, as if buying all these second hand clothes wasn’t bad enough, I go to school and and this kid says ‘Hey man, I used to have that shirt…and those pants…wait a minute…I think those were mine’. The kid just takes it upon himself to pull my shirt back to see the tag and sure as shit…his fucking initials are written on the tag. This went on for the entire week. I literally bought all this kids ‘junk’ clothes. I’m now known as ‘Second Hand Joe’ and my name isn’t even Joe. So yeah…fuck Goodwill. • Trevor Smith