Joe Biden Reportedly Getting To Close To Anime Girls, Making Them Extremely Uncomfortable

by Bavocado

Joe Biden • Gabriel Moore

RENO, NEVADA — Well, it would appear that ‘Creepy’ Joe Biden is at it again, this time he seems to be getting a little too close to anime girls and they are not comfortable with it. Photos taken at a recent Q&A and photo-op session with the presidential nominee caught Biden whispering in the ears of several anime girls. With one hand gently wrapped around their mid section and another hand draped over their shoulder – Biden pulled them in close for an incredibly disgusting and uncomfortable photo-op.

We spoke with, Ariel, one of the anime girls shortly after the photo-op session ended:

You could literally smell his breath and feel the warm, disgusting air from his dirty mouth all in my ear. I didn’t even want a picture with him, but he was so insistent. After the photo was taken, I heard him say to the photographer, ‘text me a copy of that if you would.’. He’s a dirty old man and defintiely lives up to his nickname, ‘Creepy Joe Biden’. Please excuse me…I think I’m going to vomit. • Ariel Saunders

Joe Biden • Ariel Sauders