Hooked On Phonics CEO Offers Rapper 6ix9ine Free Speech And Grammar Lessons


LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA — Famed educational company ‘Hooked On Phonics’ has offered rapper 6ix9nine free speech and grammar lessons.

I was walking around the break room of our main office and one of our employees was playing some strange song by rapper 6ix9ine and I just couldn’t understand a damn word he was saying. There were so many mumbles and random yells that I felt like this is a man in distress. He clearly has speech and grammar issue and I just thought, ‘Hey, we can help him’. • Chip Paucek, Hooked On Phonics CEO

Paucek was able to track down the rapper’s cell number and made the offer personally via text. 6ix9ine actually sent a text back. Which for the record, we were blown away by.

Chip never texted 6ix9nine again.