Gym Buff Warns Others Against Using Steroids Purchased On

Chuck Forest is a regular at Planet Fitness, a gold member in fact. As an avid gym rat, Forest is always looking for ways to bulk up – cheat the system and gain some serious muscle quickly. A few weeks ago, Forest came across an ad for ‘Healthy and REAL STEROIDS’ on and immediately made the purchase. Now, Forest is warning others to steer clear of any steroids labeled ‘REAL STEROIDS’ on

I think my neck speaks for itself, I mean, it’s pretty fucked up. I purchased 5-rounds of steroids from Wish and within two weeks of taking them, my neck was looking like some sort of lizard. I look like I could just soar around like some sort of freak ass bird. From now on I will only use steroids I get from the streets. I don’t recommend that anyone buys and uses any steroids purchased from I did leave them a poor review though, so hopefully that helps.