Greta Thunberg’s Tweet About Andrew Tate Getting Arrested Is The Burn Of The Year

**While we are mainly a satire website…everything below really did happen. It is not satire.

Greta Thunberg has come out of nowhere to completely own and burn misogynistic internet personality, Andrew Tate over Twitter.

In 2017, Andrew Tate was banned from Twitter because of hate speech. Since Twitter has changed hands to a new owner, Elon Musk – Tate’s Twitter account has been reinstated.

Tate decided to take this opportunity and troll Activist Greta Thunberg via the platform.

Greta Responded:


The Twitterverse completely lost their minds and shared the tweet over a half million times and viewed the tweet nearly 250 million times! Crazy!

But it gets better…

However…in Tate’s dumbass response…he did something that I’m sure he now regrets…

He showed off a pair of pizza boxes…pizza boxes from a Romanian pizzeria. The point of showing the pizza boxes was to troll Greta again, saying that he would not be recycling the pizza boxes.

Those pizza boxes tipped off Romanian authorities to his location in the country. Where Tate was arrested on possible human trafficking and money laundering charges later that day.

And of course…the world woke up on December 30th, to this gem of a tweet from Greta…

I think George Takei summed it up the best:

So I think it is safe to say…whether you like Greta or Tate or not….this was a pretty great public exchange where a dude with radical thoughts and way too much money – got owned by a young climate activist who just doesn’t give AF.