Ghislaine Maxwell Hires Team Of People To Catalog And Sort 20-Years Worth Of Blackmail Videos And Photos

by Bavocado

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK (PRISON) — Ghislaine Maxwell has hired a team of 12 people to sort through and catalog 20-years worth of blackmail videos and photos. Videos and photos that implicate the rich, the famous and high profile politic figures. For nearly 20-years, Maxwell has compiled a massive vault of materials that will no doubt send many people tumbling down a shit filled spiral staircase to hell.

The amount of material that I have collected over the years is really quite impressive. There are simply too many videos, CD’s, notes and images that I just can not organize it all myself – especially now that I’m in prison. I hired a few people to take care of it and make sure that the materials remain safe and organized for quick reference. • Ghislaine Maxwell

The materials, initially collected for blackmail purposes, will now be used to reduce Maxwell’s prison sentence. Maxwell is sure than many public figures will be completely fucked once she hands over the cataloged materials.

The stuff the public is going to find out…wow! It’s going to blow minds. People really thought that all these elites were meeting out on Epstein Island to what…talk and chum it up. Come on. • Ghislaine Maxwell

Our time was cut short with Maxwell as it was chow time, but we were able to meet up with one of the staffers she hired to catalog the materials.

When I took this job, I thought I was going to be going through court paperwork. On my first day I was picked up in a van with no windows and taken to some gross warehouse where me and 11 others started sorting through box after box after box of some of the sickest, most twisted shit ever. I’ll catalog this shit…but if the feds let this psycho off…well…that’s just fucked. Don’t tell her I said that. Please. • Cataloger #3