Father Accidentally Books Family Camping Trip At Nudest Campground

NELSON, OHIO — Troy Faucher wanted to take his family on a weekend camping trip. A way to remove himself and his wife from the every day grind and just spend some relaxing time with the family. So, Troy booked a campsite at the ‘Love Your Neighbor’ campground in Nelson, Ohio. Troy and the family got couldn’t wait head out into the great outdoors. When they arrived at the campsite however, Troy quickly realized that he fucked up.

We show up to the ‘Love Your Neighbor’ campground and everything looks great! We check in and head into the campground to find our camp site. We pass a few people on the way in and my wife was like ‘Troy, they are not wearing any clothes’. I pretended I didn’t notice because it was a hot blond chick, and she was most definitely naked. We just figured it was some yahoo broad out there, maybe enjoying her camping trip a little too much. So we find the camp site, set up our tent and decide to walk do to the Love Your Neighbor social hour. The campground map said there was a playground there too, so we thought…’perfect’! As we get to social hour, we noticed everyone is fucking naked. I mean, my son was in titty heaven (and so was his dad, haha). My wife however, she was pissed. I don’t even think my daughter noticed…which was super fucking weird now that I think about it.

We spoke to Troy’s wife, Echo and she had this to say about this situation.

I married a dumb ass, seriously, who books a family camping trip at a damn nudest campground? Don’t even get me started about social hour. The playground Troy talked up so much, yeah, that was an ‘adult playground’ with ‘adult swings’ and shit. Do you know how embarrassing it was to have our kids playing on that shit? And Troy, well Troy’s attention span was about 2 seconds the entire weekend. The guy couldn’t look away. You would think he died and went to titty heaven.

The Faucher’s did stay the entire weekend, why they would do that, we simply don’t know. Troy did let us know that his wife did seem to get into the camping spirit around the second night of the trip.

One other thing…I woke up in the middle of the night on the second night that we were at the campground and my wife wasn’t in our tent. I thought she just went to the bathroom, but she was gone over two hours. Finally I went to look for her. I’m pretty sure she too the whole ‘Love Your Neighbor’ thing a little too far as I found her at the neighboring campsite. She was ass naked and drinking a Pabst Blue Ribbon with these two naked dudes. When I showed up…they were all sweaty and out of breath. They probably just went to the playground though.