Siberian Tiger That Couldn’t Stop Binge Eating During Quarantine Succumbs To Depression

BRONX ZOO — An 8-year-old Siberian tiger has fallen into a deep depression after spending her entire quarantine – binge eating.

Luna was once a joyous, playful cat, only weighing 120-pounds. Now, Luna is pushing 300-pounds and she is basically known as the fat ass tiger at the zoo.

We spoke with the head zoo coordinator, Marsha Loveless:

Luna was always one of our most active cats, now she just lays around all day and waits for feeding time. Once the tigers went into quarantine mode, Luna just started eating like crazy. The other tigers actually lost weight during quarantine because Luna ate all their damn food. She just really sad. And really fat. • Marsha Loveless

The zoo reopened to the public last week after being closed since mid March, sadly, Luna didn’t seem to give a shit.

A special veterinary dietitian will be brought in next week to modify Luna’s diet and help her not be such a lazy piece of shit.

Updates to follow.