Dentist Who Repeatedly Stabs The Mouths Of Patients Blames Bloodshed On Lack Of Flossing

by Bavocado



SEATTLE, WASHINGTON — One of Seattle’s finest dentists, Dr. Roger Bates, has been poking, prodding and stabbing the mouths of innocent patients for decades. Most patients leave his office, bloody and in pain. But don’t ask Dr. Bates why you are bleeding, because it most certainly won’t be his fucking fault.

The last time I was in Dr. Bates’ office, I nearly drowned on my own blood. I was just in for a routine cleaning, but by the end of the cleaning, there was so much blood in my mouth, I could barely breath. I asked Dr. Bates what was up with all the blood and he just replied, “you don’t floss enough”. The fuck I don’t. I floss daily. This guy literally beat the shit out of my mouth. I couldn’t imagine going to see him for something other than a routine cleaning. You could die right there in the chair. – Rebecca W.

We checked out the Yelp reviews for Dr. Bates and lets just say…it was a bloodbath.