Customer Service Rep Places Customer On ‘Brief’ Hold In Order To Cook Breakfast

T-MOBILE CUSTOMER CARE CENTER — Darnell ‘Jon Jon’ Pearson has a rather unique morning work routine while taking customer service phone calls for T-Mobile. Every morning, Darnell fires up an electric griddle right on his desk and whips up a delicious breakfast, consisting of eggs, turkey bacon and maple sausages. At times, Darnell is forced to put customers on a ‘brief’ hold while he flips the bacon over or rolls the sausages around.

A man’s got to eat right? I work the early morning shift so I don’t have time to make a tasty breakfast at home, so I do it at work. My coworkers don’t seem to mind either. The call center smells delicious and I sometimes toss on a couple extra sausages and scramble up a few extra eggs for my work fam. It’s a win, win, win really! Customers don’t care either. Sometimes they hear the sizzle of the bacon and ask if I’m cooking. I just laugh it off. They don’t have a clue what I’m doing when I put them on hold either. I always ask to put them on a ‘brief’ hold, but it usually takes a few minutes for me to get back to them…especially if I’m plating my food. • Darnell ‘Jon Jon’ Pearson

Darnell’s boss tried to put an end to his breakfast making in his cubicle, but that didn’t work out as planned.

I’ve talked to Darnell multiple times about him cooking up in his cubicle, but he doesn’t listen. Then one day, Darnell tossed me a delicious sausage and I was hooked! Now I just wait to eat breakfast at work. Sometimes I bring in a few bagels and we toast them right up on Darnell’s electric griddle. • Josh Porter, Darnelle’s Boss

So the next time you are on a ‘brief’ hold with customer service, just be patient and remember that someone could be cooking breakfast or something, while working.