Culinary Adventures: Exploring The Top Ten Strangest Restaurants In The United States

Dining out is often an exciting experience, with restaurants offering a variety of cuisines and ambiences to suit every taste. However, some restaurants take unique concepts to the extreme, creating dining experiences that are truly out of the ordinary. From dining in complete darkness to enjoying meals amidst exotic animals, the United States is home to some of the strangest and most memorable restaurants. In this article, we’ll embark on a culinary journey to explore the top ten best strangest restaurants across the nation.

1. The SafeHouse – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The SafeHouse is a spy-themed restaurant that immerses diners in a world of espionage and intrigue. To gain entry, patrons must provide the secret password or perform a covert mission. The restaurant features hidden passageways, spy gadgets, and thrilling espionage-themed décor.

2. The Airplane Restaurant – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Have you ever wanted to dine inside an airplane? The Airplane Restaurant allows diners to enjoy their meals aboard a fully intact Boeing KC-97 tanker. Guests can savor classic American cuisine while seated in the unique setting of an aircraft.

3. The Jekyll & Hyde Club – New York City, New York

Step into a world of gothic horror and steampunk fantasy at The Jekyll & Hyde Club. This spooky-themed restaurant offers eerie animatronics, haunted portraits, and theatrical performances while serving up a menu of classic comfort food.

4. Ninja New York – New York City, New York (Closed, but it was pretty cool)

Ninja New York takes dining to new heights by creating an immersive ninja-themed experience. Guests are escorted through dimly lit passageways by ninja waitstaff, who entertain with magic tricks and acrobatics while presenting a menu of Japanese cuisine.

5. Opaque – Various Locations

Opaque takes dining to an entirely different level by offering “dining in the dark” experiences. Guests are led into pitch-black dining rooms, where blind servers guide them through a multi-course meal, enhancing the senses of taste, smell, and touch.

6. The Heart Attack Grill – Las Vegas, Nevada

For those with a daring appetite, The Heart Attack Grill serves up high-calorie, artery-clogging meals in a hospital-themed setting. The waitstaff, dressed as nurses, attend to “patients,” and anyone over 350 pounds eats for free.

7. The Magic Castle – Los Angeles, California

The Magic Castle is a private club dedicated to the art of magic. Diners can enjoy gourmet meals in a Victorian-style mansion while being entertained by talented magicians who perform tableside tricks and illusions.

8. The Cat Café – Various Locations

For cat lovers, The Cat Café offers a unique experience of enjoying coffee and snacks while being surrounded by friendly feline companions. These cafes often work with local animal shelters to facilitate cat adoptions.

9. Giraffe Manor – Nairobi, Kenya (Owned by The Safari Collection)

Though not within the United States, Giraffe Manor in Kenya is worth mentioning for its surreal dining experience. This boutique hotel allows guests to dine with friendly giraffes that often poke their heads through the windows during mealtimes.

10. The Modern Toilet – Los Angeles, California

At The Modern Toilet, diners sit on toilet-shaped seats and enjoy meals served in toilet bowl-style dishes. This bathroom-themed restaurant offers a selection of Asian cuisine with a quirky twist.


From spy-themed escapades to dining in complete darkness, these ten strange restaurants in the United States offer dining experiences like no other. Embrace the unusual and venture beyond traditional eateries to embark on unforgettable culinary adventures. Whether it’s dining aboard an airplane or enjoying a meal with friendly giraffes, these unique restaurants will leave you with lasting memories and a newfound appreciation for the creativity and innovation in the culinary world.