CDC Now Requiring All Who Drive Through Interstate Tolls To Be Fully Vaccinated

by Bavocado

Alexandria, Virginia — Drivers are scrambling to get vaccinated after the CDC drops a vaccination requirement bombshell on all those who drive on the U.S. Interstate system. In a recent statement made by the CDC, the government organization is now requiring all drivers to be fully vaccinated in order to pass through a toll, this includes those who use the EZ Pass system also.

We were able to get a few statements from folks, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, who use the interstate system daily:

I think it’s a wonderful requirement! I mean, these unvaccinated people think they can just drive around spreading disease like a bunch of wild animals. It’s dangerous out there and by not being vaccinated, they are putting those poor toll booth workers at risk. And just think of all that COVID-19 nastiness being breathed out while these unvaccinated people just fly through the EZ Pass, windows down and not caring one single ounce about others driving on the interstate. – Debbie Collins, Vaccinated. 


Ummm…what in the flying fuuuuu**….. – Kevin Brown, Unvaccinated


The CDC is amazing! Their level of common sense and ability to keep everyone safe without ‘controlling’ them, is truly remarkable. – Don Waters, Vaccinated


This is just weird. Let the vaccination police pull me over…I’ve got places to be. – Michelle Smart, Unvaccinated