Cat With Tiny Face And Big Ass Body Finding It Hard To Mate

by Bavocado

NAPLES, FLORIDA — Sophia the cat is having a rough time trying to get a little action with the fellas and she is convinced it’s because of her tiny face affixed upon her big ass body.

We reached out to Sophia’s human for comment and this is what she had to say about her beloved big ass tiny faced cat:

We let Sophia out every night so she can look for a mate, but each time she just seems to come back sadder than when she left. We all see it, we know that she is different. I mean, her face is so tiny and her body is huge. If I can speak honestly here, if I were a cat, I wouldn’t mate with her – that would be too freaky. She was a rescue cat (obviously), but we just keep encouraging her to keep trying and get out there and mingle with the other neighborhood cats. • Roberta O.