Bleeding Chin Pimple Keeps Dude From Dreaming Big

KANSAS CITY — 24-year-old Charlie Vaughn has been dealing with a pimple on the right side of chin since he was kid. Charlies once had big dreams of becoming a restaurant manager, but now he’s forced to give up those big dreams because of that reoccurring pimple that just won’t stop bleeding.

We caught up with Charlie at his current ‘call center’ job.

Ever since I was a kid I wanted to manage a restaurant that someone else owned. When I was a teenager this massive pimple invaded my chin. I thought it would go away, but here we are 10-years later and this fucking gross ass pimple is still on my face. It never stops oozing and bleeding. I mean, how the hell can I manage a restaurant like this? I can’t greet and talk with customers like this, and I most certainly can’t be around food with all this puss and blood dripping off my fat fucking dumb chin.

Charlie expressed to us how he absolutely hates his current job, but it’s the only job he can do where people don’t have to look at his gross chin.

Good luck Charlie.