Bets Taken On How Long Jeffrey Epstein’s Former Girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell Will Remain Alive In Prison

by Bavocado

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK — Jeffrey Epstein’s long time former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell has been taken into custody by the FBI. Immediately following her arrest, bookies around America began opening up a round of betting, taking bets on how long Maxwell will remain alive while in prison.

I worked at the prison that Epstein was being held in after he got arrested. I was just the janitor there, but man oh man was there some shady shit going down. There is no way Epstein hung himself inside of his cell. I was mopping the floor right outside of his cell the day before he ‘hung himself’ and he was whistling some 1920’s show tune shit, dancing a little bit and eating a fucking burrito. I give this Maxwell chick a week and someone snuffs her out. • Wes Gillian – Janitor

Maxwell was arrested in connection with Epstein’s massive child trafficking and sex ring. Maxwell has long stated she had no knowledge of this type of conduct in regards to Epstein, but we all know that’s a big fucking lie.

Big Mike, local bookie out of Boston had this to say about Maxwell’s arrest.

This chick is somewhat hot, I’ll give her that…but man is she creepy AF…gross too. I’d hit it though. Anyways, come see Big Mike and place a bet on Maxwell’s prison lifespan! All sorts of good odds right now! Hurry up and place yo bets, because ya’ll know the Clinton’s are coming soon…