Babies Born In 2020 Are Literally Flipping Off Their Parents In Home Videos

Babies born in the year 2020 have already had enough of the bullshit.

Parents from around the globe are sharing video of their newborn’s – flipping them off and silently telling them to go fuck themselves.

It is beyond clear that the babies featured in the video above are down right fucking pissed that they were born into this shit storm of a year.

A delivery nurse for one of the babies featured in the video had this to say:

It’s no surprise that little McKenna was flipping off her parents. I personally couldn’t stand her mother while in the delivery room. Also, when McKenna was getting pushed out of her moms vag, I noticed her holding on to her mother’s vaginal walls in order to stay inside a bit longer. So yea, she didn’t want to come out in the first place, then she realized her mom is sort of a bitch and then to top it all off – the world around her goes to shit with the rona virus, rioting, murder fucking hornets and all that crazy shit. – Rhonda B.