America Is Sure Shaping Up To Be A Wonderful Place To Live, Work And Raise A Family

by Bavocado

Washington, D.C. —  The United States of America is really shaping up to be a great place to live, work and raise a family. America has so many positives going for the country right now, that it’s really hard to list them all! The buzz around America right now is simply crazy – people just can’t stop talking about how well the country is flourishing!

Living in America is truly a dream! When I was little, my family used to tell me that I need to work hard in order to get everything I want, to be stable and ultimately to be happy. Now, I’m doing just that…well, sort of…I work super hard and while a lot of my money just goes to the government, I do still have some left to pay for super expensive gas and over priced groceries! – Sandra D. 


I think what I love most about America is how much the government cares about their people. They were quick to release an untested vaccine during the pandemic and when the pandemic was over, they made sure that American’s didn’t have to overspend on necessities, like food, gas and heating oil!  – John C. 


As a mother of twin infants, I wouldn’t raise my children in any other country. America has made it super easy to obtain healthy baby formula, reasonably priced food and housing for my babies. The best part about America though…is when my children are school aged…I’m able to send them to public school, knowing that they will be safe from violence. Phew! – Peggy M. 

But not everyone is happy…

I’m not sure what the fuck people are talking about – America be straight whack right now! I work 60 hours a week and I can’t even afford my damn rent. – Trenton R. 


This is just bullshit. I’m tired. I’m broke. And if I have to pay over $100 to fill my mother fucking gas tank one more time, I’m going to lose my shit! Oh…and Covid is bullshit too! – Maura L. 


Are people even reading the news? Kids getting shot, people being bent over by big corporations for profit…Jesus can’t even save this place at this point. – Carla P.