5G Towers Said To Give COVID-19 To Humans, Causing People To Emit Their Own WiFi Signal

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON — New research looks promising in regards to finally finding out what causes COVID-19. Scientists in Seattle, Washington claim that 5G cellular towers are the root cause of the strange illness, an illness that has taken over 150,000 American lives.

A little known symptom, one that is becoming more and more prevalent in both children and adults with COVID-19, is that patients begin emitting their own WiFi signal – 5G of course.

Those with COVID-19 are basically walking 5G cell towers. The kids love it because they have super strong WiFi wherever they go. What we fear, is that more and more children and young adults will attempt to contract COVID-19 on purpose, simply for the strong WiFi signal. • Dr. Karl Cherovski 

Cellular companies like T-Mobile and Verizon are not pleased with the new findings as they are losing a serious amount of business due to so many ‘walking cell towers’.

So many people are calling us up and dropping their data plans because so and so has COVID-19 and they are just connecting to their WiFi signal. This whole COVID thing is a joke and I personally am over it…I know my company is over it too. • Derek Doyon, T-Mobile