12-Year-Old Boy Buys Ferrari With Profits From Cocaine Stand

by Bavocado

Miami, Florida — 12-year-old Colin Black had so much cash on hand, that he had to start spending it. So he bought a Ferrari. Black got the idea to start a cocaine stand after he saw other neighborhood kids setting up lemonade stands.

The way I saw it was like this — I could either make a few bucks a day slinging sugary, sour bullshit, or I could rake in some serious cash by spreading a little blow around this cul de sac. These lemonade stand chumps are happy making $20 in a day, I’m happy making $20k in a day, if you know what I’m sayin’. – Colin Black

Colin’s dad, Gerald supplied the product for Colin’s venture and Colin took to selling it like a pro! Gerald gave us the following comment while slurping on a lemonade from his neighbors kid’s stand.

I’m super proud of my son! He has learned that hard work pays off and that if you are going to sell a product, make sure it’s the right product. – Gerald Black

Colin wasn’t the only Black making money though — his mom was raking in the dough too! For privacy reason we are unable to speak about how she sold her body for huge amounts of cash, but you get the drift. And for the record, I did interview her and she’s a solid 8, all day long!

It’s a family business and it’s pretty damn cool if you ask me! — Gerald Black

FYI – We didn’t ask.